Servizi di ricerca, sviluppo e progettazione nel campo della bioedilizia e della bioarchitettura


Advanced Planning Engineering was born from the will of a group of professionals who wanted to make their know-how available to launch a highly innovative project in the field of green building and structural design using totally new techniques. Our training and the experience gained over the years, in any case, allow us to support those who turn to us for other services as well. We do it directly or by taking advantage of the corporate structures from which each of us comes and through which we can provide qualified skills in the field of integrated engineering design, planning, agronomic services and support for the investments that your company intends to support.

Engineering services

Supply of services, consultancy and engineering and architectural services with a high technical and professional content aimed at individuals and public administrations.

Architectural services and urban planning

Territory, landscape, environment and city planning services.

Subsidized finance and contributions to companies

Planning on European, national, regional and local programs to activate contributions to support investments.

Agronomic services

Agronomic and forestry services and consultancy in favor of public and private subjects.