Servizi di ricerca, sviluppo e progettazione nel campo della bioedilizia e della bioarchitettura

Research and development of applied green building to structural consolidation


Advanced Planning Engineering has requested the entry in the register of innovative Startups to the special section of the business register since the company mainly carries out the production and marketing of innovative services with high technological value. In particular we study the use of composite materials of origin natural, in the framework of structural reinforcement.

The aim is to ensure levels of recyclability, eco-sustainability and renewability, as opposed to more commonly used materials, such as carbon, glass or aramid fibers. The latter, allow to obtain good performance of the structure, which is flanked by problems linked to the environmental impact produced during their industrial construction in terms of primary energy use and greenhouse gas emissions, resulting from the combustion of fossil fuels.

Therefore, the use of composite materials with natural fibers allows us to reach levels of resistance comparable to the materials traditionally used in structural reinforcement and at the same time has an impact on our health and the very low environment.

Furthermore, the energy requirement for their manufacture and installation, or more generally throughout their life cycle, including dismantling, is very low. Our goal is to contribute to varying the paradigms commonly used for reinforcing masonry structures, for a lower impact in environmental terms.