Servizi di ricerca, sviluppo e progettazione nel campo della bioedilizia e della bioarchitettura

About us

Advanced Planning Engineering was born from the entrepreneurial idea of ​​a group of Umbrian professionals working in the fields of engineering and architectural design, in the field of agricultural sciences and economic-financial planning. From the individual experiences a multidisciplinary group was born that has an entrepreneurial idea aimed at producing innovative solutions in the field of structural reinforcement, through the use of composite materials of natural origin.

We carry out our research and development activities in this context thanks to the expertise of experts in the field of design for the enhancement of territorial, landscape and cultural systems, environmental design, assistance to agricultural, zootechnical and forestry companies, construction science.

Advanced Planning Engineering integrates a social structure made up of architects, engineers, agronomists, economists and avails itself of the collaboration of jurists, designers and researchers operating in the fields of engineering sciences, all with a high level of specialization Our studies are aimed at ensuring the use of materials with high levels of recyclability, eco-sustainability and renewability, as opposed to more commonly used materials, such as carbon, glass or aramid fibers. The latter present problems related to the environmental impact produced during their industrial construction in terms of the use of primary energy and the emission of greenhouse gases, deriving from the combustion of fossil fuels. The use of composite materials with natural fibers makes it possible to achieve levels of resistance comparable to the materials traditionally used in structural reinforcement and at the same time has an impact on our health and the very low environment. Furthermore, the energy requirement for their manufacture and installation and, more generally, throughout their life cycle, including dismantling, is very low.