Servizi di ricerca, sviluppo e progettazione nel campo della bioedilizia e della bioarchitettura

Engineering and agriculture: a combination of innovation

Advanced Planning Engineering mainly deals with developing and marketing innovative services with high technological value related to the world of bio-architecture and green building. In particular we develop construction techniques and processes based on the use of environmentally friendly materials to be used both for the new construction and for the restoration and renovation of existing buildings. We do it through design, construction management, research and development for the application in construction processes of natural materials such as hemp, raw earth, cellulose, rice, mushrooms and other similar materials.  We decided to put the know-how of an articulated multidisciplinary group of professionals into a system starting from a very precise project on which each of the founding members of Advanced Planning Engineering started working in the recent past with various Research Institutes and Universities. Specifically, it is based on research and development activities with a high degree of specialization for the design and implementation of anti-seismic consolidation systems, made of natural fibers, for arches and vaults of ancient buildings.  To know the details of our research and production of innovative solutions in the fields of bio-architecture and green building, do not hesitate to contact us.



Advanced Planning Engineering has a multidisciplinary team of highly qualified professionals and coordination figures for each area of ​​specialization. The selection of collaborators with a highly qualified profile guarantees services with a high level of competence in the field of design, integrated consultancy and assistance to companies and public bodies.


The skills that Advanced Planning Engineering makes available to its customers allow global assistance in the evaluation and preparation phases of investment projects related to interventions in the field of integrated engineering services, with particular regard to the application of research projects in green building and bio architecture. Our task is to minimize the tasks borne by the customer while guaranteeing the highest quality index of the work performed.


Our approach is based on the belief that every activity should be based on the concept of sustainability and accessibility in relation to the environment and people. Every investment has an impact on the territory, on places of life and work and on organizational processes that concern the company and, more generally, daily life. Advanced Planning Engineering is constantly engaged in internal research activities to develop innovative and functional solutions, aimed at pursuing ethical and sustainable choices.